CH 860 D

The Digi Plus auto security system acts as an effective audible theft deterrent. Once locked into place and activated, the Digi Plus gives you Double Protection, immobilizing your vehicle while arming it with a 110 to 130 dB alarm.

  • Digitally operated built-in wireless Alarm, with visible Flashing LED & 110-130dB siren, keeps car thieves away.
  • Revolutionary design works on Cars and trucks, even those equipped with Air Bags.
  • Aluminum-die-cast lock body and heat-treated steel lock component.
  • Patented duo-ball vibration sensor features 3 user-adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Programmable personalized alarm code.
  • Automatic battery power detection.
  • "Glow-in -the-dark" keypad and flashing LED enhances theft deterrence.
  • Low power consumption-via two size AA batteries. Batteries can last 6-9 ,months under normal condition

Important Note: When Digi Plus is activated, you have approximately 30 seconds to leave vehicle without setting off siren. When re-entering the vehicle, you will automatically set off alarm activating sequence. You have 20 seconds to de-activate alarm system. To do so, enter your 4-digit code (new units and factory pre-programmed at 1,2,3,4)

* Patented Worldwide